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Chevron Kaftan Bathrobe


Our Chevron Turkish bathrobe features a breathtaking luxurious texture hand-loomed by artisans. It is extremely breathable, lightweight, absorbent, and SOFT! Perfect for lounging or after a soothing bath.  Bring the look and feel of the spa to your home! This robe features two large front pockets and a cozy hood. Fringed edges complete this unique look. After one wear, our robe will be irreplaceable in your daily routine.

Fits most unisex straight sizes (S-XL). 

Ingredients: 100% Turkish cotton

Why Turkish cotton? 

Turkish cotton is the most absorbent, softest, and fastest drying material. Say goodbye to damp or mildew-smelling bathrobes!

While being the most absorbent, they are also extremely lightweight and compact. Throw one in your carry-on for your next vacation! 

Our robes are all pre-washed and dried. Turkish robes continue to become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 

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