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Acteon Bathrobe


Our Acteon Turkish bathrobe features a breathtaking muslin texture hand-loomed by artisans. It is extremely breathable, lightweight, absorbent, and SOFT! Perfect for lounging or after a soothing bath.  Bring the look and feel of the spa to your home! This robe features two large front pockets and is completed with fringed edges. After one wear, our robe will be irreplaceable in your daily routine. This robe can be worn as outerwear to add drama to any outfit. 

Fits most straight sizes (S-XL). 

Ingredients: 100% Turkish cotton

Why Turkish cotton? 

Turkish cotton is the most absorbent, softest, and fastest drying material. Say goodbye to damp or mildew-smelling bathrobes!

While being the most absorbent, they are also extremely lightweight and compact. Throw one in your carry-on for your next vacation! 

Our robes are all pre-washed and dried. Turkish robes continue to become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 

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