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Kanyon Bed Cover


Our Kanyon Turkish blanket features a breathtaking muslin texture hand-loomed by artisans. It is extremely breathable, lightweight, cozy, and SOFT! Kanyon is the perfect alternative to a comforter or quilt. The luxurious feel of this blanket is nearly indescribable. Everyone in your home can share this extra large blanket on movie night! Kanyon is suitable for up to a king sized bed. Fringed edges complete this intricate blanket.

Ingredients: 100% Turkish cotton

Dimensions: 220 x 240 cm + Fringe

Why Turkish cotton? 

Turkish cotton is the most absorbent, softest, and fastest drying material. Say goodbye to damp or mildew-smelling towels!

While being the most absorbent towels, they are also extremely lightweight and compact. Throw one in your bag wherever and whenever you are on the go! 

Did we mention our towels are 100% sand-free? Our towels have a flat weave (no terry loops), meaning sand flies right off at the beach! Just shake off and you’re good to go!

Our towels are all pre-washed and dried. Turkish towels continue to become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 



Anthracite, Botanic Green, Misty Plum

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